"Let us resolve that young Americans will always find there is a city of hope in a country that is free...and let us resolve that they will say of our day and our generation, we did keep faith with our God, that we did act worthy of ourselves, that we did protect and pass on lovingly that shining city on a hill."

Ronald Reagan,
40th President of the United State

City On A Hill Blog Supports Ted Cruz

City On A Hill Blog Supports Ted Cruz

Friday, October 9, 2015

Game of Speakers: GOP Moment To Right The Ship

It's time for principled leadership in DC...
It's time for the people to take back their house.

After decades of feckless "leadership" by the likes of John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi, the GOP has a real shot to put someone capable of leading in the speaker's chair.  Their decision will have massive ramifications for both their governing ability, but also their ability to articulate conservatism and attract voters for the 2016 election.

But that's only if the party is open to it and history suggests that it is not.

For years conservatives have been looked down on by the ruling class GOP leadership.  We have been insulted, marginalized, mocked, lied to, and ignored.  You don't see that on the Democratic side. Their leaders still hold the ruling class superiority complex, but they don't despise their base.

The GOP does with a searing passion unmatched in the political world.

And for years, talking heads and apologists for the corrupt crony capitalist-run GOP have told conservatives to know our place and fall in line. It's our best option.  We're all on the same team.

That, however, is the GOP's problem.  We know our place.  It's in the seat of power.  The government as designed by our constitution is one where the people have power.  Our founders never intended for a new ruling class elite to arise to horde power for themselves and their cronies and lord it over the people the way career politicians do now.

The past few years have revealed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the GOP leadership is not on our side.  It's no longer that they just lack the passion to advocate for conservatism, it's that in most things, they now advocate passionately against it and hope we don't notice if they hide it behind a few well-orchestrated show votes.

The fact is that we need term limits and we need them now.  We need lifetime bans on members of congress and their immediate family members from serving as lobbyists.  We need to end corporate welfare and cronyism and restore a true free market capitalism.  NONE of that will occur with John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan or any of the other entrenched career politicians that live for their coveted seat in the Washington Cartel.  Like Gollum with his precious ring, they have been corrupted.  There is no turning back for them.   They cannot be reasoned with and they simply do not see the problems facing us or their role in causing them.

And that's why it's important that the conservative members of the house continue to fight for this speaker election.  It's no longer time to sit down and shut up.  It's now or never.  It's time to fight back and take back the GOP or accept their eternal animosity toward us and strike out on our own.

It's no longer relevant which party controls the government in DC.  Both parties are part of the same crony capitalist system that is hellbent on maintaining the status quo and in continuing to usurp the personal liberty of everyday Americans so that they can eternally keep their own thrones in DC.

Now, it's unlikely that we will get a real solid conservative for speaker.  But the conservative members of the house should continue to press this issue until we get the most conservative candidate that we can.

The new flavor of the moment is Paul Ryan.  Ryan is not a conservative.  Is he articulate most of the time?  Sure.  Less loathsome than John Boehner?  Ok.  But he's not a conservative.  He's just not.

It's time for principled members of the house to stand for the office of speaker.  It's not enough to get these quasi-conservatives like Daniel Webster and Jason Chaffetz.  We need people unwilling to play the game, unwilling to accept the terms of the ruling class establishment, and unwilling to compromise their principles.  Webster has a D Liberty Score from Conservative Review.  Chaffetz has a better score, but was a willing stooge in carrying out the vengeful Boehner reprisals against insolent conservatives.  That shows weakness on both of their parts.  We need people who are more excited about their convictions than they are about their position.  We need people who run for office to advance a common sense return to conservative constitutional governance and not people who run to enhance their resume or to usurp power. We need people, who when told by party leadership to fall in line and abandon their principles, don't just say no, they say HELL NO.

The GOP leadership has been gorging on power for too long.  It's time to completely clean house.  And this is the moment to do it. This can be a great political awakening that will reverberate for years.

When people stand on principle over the money and trappings of power, they inspire others to do the same.  When they refuse to sit down and shut up in the face of overwhelming vitriol and opposition, they embolden others to do the same.  We're seeing that every day.  People are flocking to Trump's refusal to be silenced by the media or party leadership.  People are celebrating Ted Cruz's refusal to put "decorum" and senatorial sycophancy over stopping the slaughter of babies and stopping the deranged Iran deal from empowering Jihadists.  People are inspired by Ben Carson as he stands firm under a barrage of racism and vitriol from the intolerant left that is seething with rage that an uppity black man would dare leave the leftist thought plantation.

We want to win.  We want to restore America.  We want to be led.  And we no longer care what letter is affixed to the end of your name.  We care about your vision for America and about your integrity.

We need people worthy of the legacy of Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan.  It's time to reignite the promise of America and stop playing the games of the Washington insiders.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Rise & Fall of GOP Candidates: Inconsistency Doesn't Build A Strong Foundation

Fiorina: The next great hope or the next Bachmann?
The talking heads are gaga for Carly Fiorina.  Oh, she's the great hope of the party you know.  She's the one they all fear, you know.  She's so forceful and articulate!

A lot of the news coverage of the 2016 race that ISN'T about Donald Trump this week has centered around the rise of Carly Fiorina into the top tier.  In some polls, Ms. Fiorina is now 2nd to the Donald.

So now, "that face" is on all of the news channels opining about how wonderful she is and how many phone calls she would make to Putin and a gaggle of world dictators and terrorists when she arrives in the White House.

But that doesn't mean that Carly Fiorina will be the nominee.

We've seen in the last few cycles, that this media-driven process will elevate candidates and tear them down just as quickly.

And it's time to let you in on a little secret, it's because their records do not match their rhetoric.

Voters are clamoring for a consistent conservative.  We want someone who talks like a conservative articulately and forcefully during the campaigns, but also leads and votes like a conservative in the in between years.

The problem with many of these candidates is that they rocket to the top because of a few good debates or media savvy appearances without the substance to back that up.  Once people begin seriously looking at them as a candidate, they begin to read the terrible, horrible, no good things they've said and done in their political past.   Suddenly today's version of Margaret Thatcher reveals herself to be nothing more than a slightly less radical Hillary Clinton.

This happened last time to Rick Perry when he revealed himself to be a doofus during a debate and when people realized that he wasn't as rock solid in practice as he was in speeches.  It also happened to Michele Bachmann when people realized she was crazy.

Carly Fiorina is an articulate and dynamic speaker on the trail and in debates.  There is no question on that.  The question remains in her spotty record.  Pick an issue and she's been on both sides.  Donated to Hillary in 2008 shortly before advising John McCain's ill-fated campaign?  Check.  Pro-choice before becoming pro-life?  Check.  Made fun of her opponent's appearance before playing the victim card when someone did that to her?  Check.  Supporter of TARP and big corporate bailouts?  Check.

Once voters begin paying attention to her record, they realize that the Thatcher-esque Fiorina on stage is just an act like Lady Macbeth in the Globe Theater.

The only candidate thus far to be immune to the polling pitfalls of having a radically different campaign from his past positions and actions is Donald Trump.  And he's largely being supported because of his celebrity.  He gushed last night about the glory of eminent domain, so let's see if any conservatives wake up from that one.

That is why Ted Cruz has a real shot at the nomination.  When sober-minded conservatives look to make their selection for president, they will be looking for someone that won't betray them.  In that regard, Ted Cruz stands out from the crowd.  He's the most remarkably consistent candidate in a generation.  What he says during the heat of the campaign is what he will do during his tenure in office.  That is absolutely horrifying to the GOP leadership, but refreshingly inspiring to the unwashed masses in the conservative grassroots.

Fiorina has her day in the sun.  Let's see if she stands up to scrutiny.

From a long-term perspective, there still really only seems to be 4 possible GOP nominees:  Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio.

Let's hope the people rise up to reignite the promise of America with a consistent conservative instead of embracing another summer romance with a campaign conservative.


Sunday, October 4, 2015

No To McCarthy: Replacing Boehner With "Boehner 2" Isn't The Solution

McCarthy is more of the same. He's not the solution.
Conservatives around the nation rejoiced with the news that hapless fake-tanning lotion and golf enthusiast John Boehner was stepping down as Speaker of the House.  The lachrymose Boehner hasn't stopped weeping since. Whether the Gollum-like Boehner is mourning his loss of his precious DC power, or celebrating his future of golf and lobbying is unclear.

According to Boehner, it's everyone else's fault.  The crazy right-wingers and that jackass Ted Cruz are to blame for his departure.  They don't understand that you win in DC by losing.  You win by fighting tooth and nail to pass your opponent's agenda while staging show votes so that you have cover when you go back to sully yourself by talking to the rubes that vote for you.  You can tell those backward hicks that you voted against Obamacare, debt ceiling increases, funding for Planned Parenthood, the Iran Deal, confirming radical marxists for administration positions, and the entire Obama agenda knowing full well that you were responsible for passing it.

That's apparently the GOP leadership version of winning.  They have not won a single thing.  They've not gained one inch of ground in any voting matter in DC in the past decade without giving up several miles of ground to the radical leftists.

As Senator Ted Cruz put it--the Democrats will crawl over broken class to pass their agenda.

And the Republicans show nothing but apathy and lethargy unless one of the conservatives in their ranks is getting "uppity" like Ted Cruz.  Then they become full of sound and fury as they take to the airwaves and savagely attack the unruly and stubbornly principled conservative.

So, when the GOP starts telling us that replacing Boehner with his sidekick Kevin McCarthy is a good thing, it is rather revealing that they still don't get it.

McCarthy's voting record is abysmal.  According to Conservative Review, his "conservative" voting record is 45%.  That means that he sides with the conservative position less than half the time.  Does that sound like a vibrant leader for the GOP?  Does that sound like someone who can lead and articulate common sense conservatism?

The answer is resoundingly no.  Not only won't Mr. McCarthy articulate and sell a conservative vision for America, he will not even vote for it unless it's a show vote meant to provide him cover with the base.

The GOP has a unique opportunity right now to redefine itself.  The Donald Trump juggernaut should have shown the GOP power brokers that the American people are done with politics as usual and lying hack career politicians who sell out the people who voted for them. The top tier of the 2016 field consists of Trump, Carson, Florina, Rubio and Cruz.  Only Rubio is an establishment chum and he's only that high because Jeb Bush is collapsing in on himself like a dying star.

Consider the question posed by Ted Cruz: What exactly would be different in DC if the GOP hadn't retaken congress and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were running the show?

The answer is nothing.

If the GOP thinks that the next-in-line party man will appease the "volcanic anger" of the grassroots, they are sorely mistaken.  We didn't hate John Boehner personally.  We hated his lack of leadership and his obsession with maintaining the ruling class cronyism.  We want, no, we demand a principled conservative who will value principle over party to lead the House.

It's time for someone new.  Someone who actually believes conservatism.  Someone with a passion for common sense constitutional reforms.  Someone who can advocate a real alternative to the radical Obama agenda.  If the GOP can't muster enough nerve to find that person and simply foists the hapless crony McCarthy upon us, their electoral troubles will continue.

We are tired of being lied to.  We are tired of being despised by the people we vote for.  We are tired of pretending like it matters to the future of our country if the people running it have an "R" after their name or a "D" when we know it no longer does.

The first presidential election that I could vote in was 1996.  As a child of the 1980s, I had a front row seat to how awesome President Reagan was but I never had the opportunity to vote for him.

I'm sick of campaign conservatives who pretend they are the next Reagan or Thatcher during the election and then turn out to be Jimmy Carter when they get into office.  I just want to vote for someone who really means what they say during campaigns for once in my life.

And that's where many of us are right now.  In the 2016 presidential race and in the Speaker race, the GOP has the opportunity to prove to us that they are worthy of our support.  Should business as usual be the preferred direction of choice, they can travel that road without our support.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

On Obama's "Christianity"

Obama's Faith or Non-Faith is not the issue here...
The latest media game of distraction is whether or not we will all line up and mindlessly proclaim Barack Obama a Christian because he says so despite the evidence.

The nation is 19 trillion dollars in debt, Iran is set to get both nukes and billions of dollars in new terror funding from the US government, Obamacare has bankrupted both the medical profession and working class families, and record numbers of Americans are still unemployed or underemployed, but all the media can see fit to cover is whether or not the Republican candidates for president will publicly affirm Obama's alleged Christianity.  For if they will not, they are unserious crazy people unworthy of the presidency.  Or something.

The latest media game stems from an appearance by Donald Trump this week where a man asking a question alleged that Obama is a Muslim and Donald Trump didn't bother correcting him.

To the media, that is more shocking and horrifying that the genocidal for profit butchering of babies done by Planned Parenthood.

Suddenly, not just Trump, but every visible Republican must renounce some random man and wholeheartedly agree with the outraged media elites like Megyn Kelly, that Barack Obama is clearly a Christian.  Megyn Kelly, for example, seemed like she was going to stroke out during a focus group when a few people muttered that they weren't sure what Obama's true beliefs were.  "It's settled!! He's Christian!!" she exclaimed with red-faced fury.

The first point to be made here has been echoed by Donald Trump in response to this nonsense story: it's not our job to defend Barack Obama's "faith."  Of all the things necessary for a presidential candidate to take a position on, Barack Obama's faith of choice is not one of them.

The second point was made today by David Limbaugh:
The fact that rational people can look at Barack Obama's record, rhetoric and behavior and make their own conclusions about his faith is not controversial.  Declaring that you don't think Obama is a Christian, or that you are not sure if he is, is not a declaration of hatred or condemnation.  Christians don't hate people who are not Christians.  The Christian faith, as modeled by Jesus Christ, is one fueled by love.  The fact that the media doesn't understand that speaks volumes about their own condescending view of Christianity.  They are projecting their own hatred of Bible-believing Christians and assuming that judgemental hatred must flow both ways.  It doesn't.

The third point that needs to be made is that Barack Obama is not a Christian.  Sure, he might define himself as a Christian in the cultural sense of the word, but even in that concept he is seriously lacking.  You can declare yourself anything.  That does not make it so.  I can declare that I have a full head of hair, but I will still remain bald as an eagle.  Just because Obama has decided that as part of his image before the American people, he would benefit politically by declaring himself a Christian, does not mean that we have to join his public relations team.

Just a quick review of statements that Barack Obama has made over the years can be instructive on the issue of his Christianity.

Various denominations of Christianity may disagree about a good many theological points.  On the centrality of salvation and Christ's role in it?  Not so much.  The whole point of Christianity is that we are unable to save ourselves and that Christ died on the cross for the sins of mankind.  Barack Obama doesn't understand sin by his own admission, nor does he understand salvation.


"Obama’s response when asked what his definition of sin is: 'Being out of alignment with my values.'"  That's not even close.  Sin is when you are out of alignment with God's values.  Barack Obama, self-professed Christian, doesn't understand this.  He also doesn't understand how the Christian concept of salvation works, as evidenced by these:

“This is something that I’m sure I’d have serious debates with my fellow Christians about. I think that the difficult thing about any religion, including Christianity, is that at some level there is a call to evangelize and prostelytize. There’s the belief, certainly in some quarters, that people haven’t embraced Jesus Christ as their personal savior that they’re going to hell.”

 “I don’t presume to have knowledge of what happens after I die. But I feel very strongly that whether the reward is in the here and now or in the hereafter, the aligning myself to my faith and my values is a good thing.”

“I’ve said this before, and I know this raises questions in the minds of some evangelicals. I do not believe that my mother, who never formally embraced Christianity as far as I know … I do not believe she went to hell.”

Again, Barack Obama is free to be whatever religion or non-religion that he wants to be.  He cannot, however, claim to be a Christian while rejecting all of its central tenets.  The fact that the media that spends no small amount of its time mocking, marginalizing and otherwise dehumanizing Christians while ignoring their plight at the hand of genocidal Jihadists around the world, has become so focused on proclaiming the steadfastness of Obama's Christian faith is beyond absurd.  This is clearly done to neuter Obama and make him more palatable to mainstream Americans.  "Well, he's a Christian, so if he's praising Islam, we should, too!"  "Well, he's a Christian, so he must be bound to Judeo-Christian values, and therefore, isn't a threat to our American way of life."

Every single opportunity Mr. Obama has had to elevate Islam and denigrate Christianity, he has done just that.  His internationl policies ignore the reality of the dangers of Islam while minimalizing concern for the plight of Jews and Christians being slaughtered across the globe by those Muslims.

Those are not the actions of a Christian.  And yet, the true definition of a person's Christianity is between him and Christ.  It ultimately doesn't matter what we think of his alleged faith.  It matters what Christ thinks.

There are many things that the Republican candidates can and should take a forceful stand on.  Proclaiming Obama's faux Christianity to be genuine is not one of them.

Do not allow the media to set the narrative and let's get back to the issues that matter to the American people.  Obama's faith or lack thereof is a matter that he will have to settle with his Maker, not the American people.  Let us join in prayer that he makes the right choice.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

CNN Debate: Winners & Losers

It was the Donald Trump reality show once again...

Well, the CNN debate happened this week.

It is hard to believe that a news outlet could do a more unprofessional debate that's ridiculously skewed toward gossipy nonsense and certain establishment candidates than the Bush-loving Fox News Channel, but CNN has done just that and raised the bar on inane political spectacle.

So, to start off: The big loser of the night was CNN's credibility as a news outlet.  I know, many of us wrote CNN off years ago, but it was disappointing in that Jake Tapper is usually one of the more level-headed and professional news personalities.  And CNN itself is usually the more rational network compared to the slobbering, rabid, insanity that permeates MSNBC's schedule.

This debate was a reality show trainwreck where every question could essentially be summarized as, "OMG, you guys, that Donald Trump is crazy, am I right?"

It was a disservice to the candidates, to the process, and to the nation in search of leadership after the two terms of moral, political, and ethical morass produced by the Obama administration.

I wanted one candidate, ANY CANDIDATE, to simply reply to the moderate something along the lines of, "I realize that you want to make this into a reality show with gossipy nonsense designed to fuel your ratings, but America has a 19 trillion dollar debt, Iran's about to get nukes, Obamacare has financially decimated our healthcare system, and our government is a lawless leviathan gobbling up the personal liberties of everyday Americans so that entrenched ruling class politicians can enrich and engorge themselves with more power.  Let's talk about the issues."

Nobody did.  In fact, I suspect that is why Ted Cruz was once again largely ignored.  They knew he wouldn't play their stupid game of dumbing down politics.

The very fact that Jeb! (the artist formerly known as Jeb Bush) spent a goodly portion of his time breathlessly screaming about how he's always going to be against casinos and that Donald Trump is lying about casinos in Florida, shows how desperate the establishment darling has become.

Nobody cares whether Donald Trump wanted casinos in Florida.  Nobody cares if the one issue that Jeb! can muster passion for is standing up to casinos.  Is that supposed to inspire anyone?

And of course, there was the "face" confrontation.  You know, the moment we all knew was coming once CNN allowed Carly Fiorina onto the main stage.  And when it did arrive, Fiorina played the dignified victim by slamming Trump's statement on her looks and claiming all women knew what he meant.  And that would have been a good moment for her if video footage didn't emerge this week of Fiorina during her senate run mocking Barbara Boxer's hair.  "So yesterday," she smirked as she mocked the appearance of her opponent.  So, having participated in childish mocking of another candidate's appearance, Ms. Fiorina doesn't get to travel the moral high road and act like such behavior is beneath her because #HYPOCRITE.  Watch the gossipy valley girl below:

So CNN sought catfights and juvenile nonsense.  Trump delivered by mocking Rand Paul's appearance.  Others followed suit by playing along with the reality show theme and engaging in silly personal attacks about Trump.  It was nonsense from beginning to end.

And yet, there were still some winners and losers.  Here's the City on a Hill Blog take on who won and who lost:


CARLY FIORINA--everyone seems to be citing her as the overall winner.  Fiorina did perform well.  Her highly scripted remarks were delivered articulately and with passion.  Anyone who has paid attention to Fiorina knows that these are things she says at virtually every appearance.  On style and substance, Fiorina shined and stood out.  Serious-minded conservative voters, however, should check out her record via Conservative Review or Google her senate run.  Fiorina was a moderate pro-choice politician just a few years ago, but now she's the feisty reincarnation of Margaret Thatcher.  By all means, praise her for her delivery, but look seriously at her vacillating positions on many core issues. Proceed with caution.  There is a reason the media and establishment are talking her up.

MARCO RUBIO--Senator Rubio did well and is likable, although sweaty at all times.  Again, on style and substance, he did very well.  The problem with Rubio is always on the reality of his priorities and his inability to fight.  He's easily enticed into the Senate Gang of 8 that loves amnesty and bipartisan surrender.  He's backing away from Senator Cruz's fight to defund Planned Parenthood.  He's never outspoken in challenging the quisling Republican leadership.  Quite simply--this dog doesn't hunt.  He is not a leader.  He's just not.  When selecting a president, one would imagine that being a leader would be at the top of the list.  And that's a quality that Rubio lacks in spades.

TED CRUZ--If Cruz was given the opportunity and time that Jeb! and Trump scored, he would have fared much better.  His brief moments in the spotlight were great, there were just not enough of them.  Every time he opened his mouth, however, Cruz was forceful, articulate and presidential.  He was a stark contrast with many on the stage in looking serious and intelligent in the face of his Kardashian clone opponents.  Cruz is consistent and coherent.  He's a leader on every issue facing the country and he is fearless in opposing his corrupt and inept party leadership.  That showed during his special guest appearances during the debate.


CHRIS CHRISTIE--the NJ governor was forceful and that earned the praise of many.  He did hold up well in his performance, but it's hard to say he was a "winner" of the night as his abysmal record in New Jersey speaks much louder than his theatrical bluster.

BEN CARSON--the good doctor did well for the most part.  He looks like a non-politician and he lacks the polished robot-speak that politicians employ in hypnotizing the masses. The problem is that Dr. Carson is a thoughtful man that speaks softly and slowly.  That probably translates well in terms of a "bedside manner" but in a debate, it looks like he's searching for the next word and not sure of himself.  He also declared he was against the war in Afghanistan, which shows a problematic "dove" approach to foreign policy.  This was his chance to win over Trump supporters, but it appears Fiorina usurped Carson's opportunity there.

DONALD TRUMP--the clear center of attention throughout most of the debate, Trump didn't probably win over any new supporters, but his diehard fans will no doubt think he did well.  They swamped online voting to declare him the winner once again, and he's been boasting on social media about it ever since.  Trump made clownish faces throughout the debate, attacked people personally as usual, and offered little more substance than that his presidency would be "huge" and "really great" and that he would "Make America Great Again" just by being president.

MIKE HUCKABEE--he always does better in these debates than I expect.  He's just lost in this large field.  He's a social conservative candidate in a field where many of the candidates share his social conservative street cred while offering more in other areas than he does.  He gave a good defense of religious liberty, but it's unlikely that Huckabee will go anywhere.


JEB!--Mr. Bush looked like the eager know-it-all child in class.  His bizarre back and forth with Trump over casinos in Florida was a waste of time.  He said very little and his declarations of his conservatism ring hollow.  Bush did not come across well and although he had more "energy" this time out, he didn't do anything to improve his standing.

SCOTT WALKER--Walker comes across as unserious and clueless.  He's also uninspiring.  One of the top contenders heading into this race, Mr. Walker doesn't seem to translate onto the national stage.  He muddles through answers without vigor or clarity and he doesn't seem to look comfortable on this stage.  His decent into low single digit polling should continue.

RAND PAUL--the defender of the Constitution and personal liberty looks petty and angry in these debates.  Perhaps it is desperation, perhaps it is just outrage at Trump's rise, but Paul doesn't translate well in this field.  He would do well to drop out, endorse Cruz, and return to the senate as a leader for liberty.  This race is done for him.

JOHN KASICH--Kasich is obsessed with taking full credit for the balanced budgets of the 1990s as though nobody else was involved in the process.  He also appeared visibly drunk and with bed hair.  I don't know if he went on a drinking binge before the debate and fell asleep backstage, but that's what he looked like.  He's obsessed with bipartisanship to the point that he's willing to allow the Iran deal to stand.  He's a useful idiot for the left and pretty much all that is wrong with the Republican party.  He has no shot and this tour de force performance of weakness and submission in this debate is unlikely to inspire.

CNN, JAKE TAPPER, HUGH HEWITT, DANA BASH--CNN and their moderators humiliated themselves by turning a presidential debate into the Kardashians.  They should be ashamed of themselves.  Dana Bash is always a joke, but we expected better of Hewitt and Tapper.  Perhaps Trump was right to suggest that Hewitt is a "third rate hack" after all.

ANN COULTER--the evil spinster of faux conservative sparked outrage by tweeting the following:

Coulter, the bombastic narcissist, of course, claims that she wasn't being anti-semitic in her horrific tweet.  She was.  This is why Coulter has no real influence over the grassroots conservatives anymore and only serves as a media sideshow that props up faux conservative candidates that are good for business for her brand.

Let's hope any remaining debates will be sober and elevated discussions on the issues facing our nation and not more "face" retorts.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

State of the Race 2016

As it is now post-Labor Day, the presidential nominating contest has begun in earnest.  There has been a settling in the field heading into this week's second presidential debate.  There is also an awakening about Trump that may begin to impact polls.  Here's our take:

First, let's get the non-factors out of the way.  The following folks have ZERO chance to secure the nomination.  They are campaigning for book deals, Fox News contracts or cabinet positions only.


LINDSEY GRAHAM--unlikable, establishment simpleton.  As Mark Levin opined, "Lindsey Graham? He's despised far and wide!"  Truer words have not been spoken.


GEORGE PATAKI--liberal New York governor from the 1990s.  This election isn't about the past or about the mushy middle.  It's about bold pastel colors and new energy.  I guess he appeals to the folks who say "If only Romney and McCain had tacked more to the left, we would have won," if that's a thing.

RICK SANTORUM--Good guy, but he was trounced for re-election in his home state, and only came in a distant second to electorally-challenge Mitt Romney because nobody else was left.  No.  Chance.

JOHN KASICH--he's another throwback to the 1990s.  He's also throwing himself at the left by trying to preen as Jon Huntsman 2.0.  No, thank you.

CHRIS CHRISTIE--he's entertaining on YouTube.  He also appoints Shariah Law proponents to the NJ Supreme Court, intervenes in Homeland Security cases to ensure that terrorist-funding Imams stay in New Jersey instead of being deported and has presided over a prolonged death march for the New Jersey business environment, job creation, and financial stability.  And he's a narcissist.  Having a narcissist run the country for 8 years is long enough, thanks.

BOBBY JINDAL--It truly pains me to put Bobby Jindal in this category.  I really like him and I think he would be a tremendous presidential candidate, but the support is just not there.  I do think he's probably a lock for a cabinet position and on the short list for Vice President.

RAND PAUL--the wily libertarian has a lot of good to offer the nation when it comes to liberty and constitutional rights.  He's a good senator overall when he isn't donning his father's tin foil foreign policy hat.  He hasn't caught fire on the trail.  There is no path for him to win the nomination unless about 5-6 other candidates drop dead.  Look for him to continue to stand for liberty in the United States senate for years to come.


MIKE HUCKABEE--he seems like a genuine guy when it comes to his faith.  He's just a gimmicky big-government social conservative that has no real chance to win.  His best shot was 2008 and he lost.  To John McCain.  Badly.

SCOTT WALKER--he seems like a simpleton on the campaign trail.  I haven't spent much time studying him.  He fought teacher unions.  But his state is still in a financial mess, he doesn't seem to understand his own positions on illegal immigration, border security, taxes, common core, or foreign policy as they get jumbled into a new word salad of policy every time he speaks.  I don't know if that's because he flip-flops and panders or because he's dumb.  Either way, he's not the guy.  He's.  Not.  Electable.

CARLY FIORINA--I know everyone likes to talk up Carly as the only woman in the race and because she's articulate.  She has a hot mess of a political ideology ranging from leftist to hardcore conservative depending on the day.  She ran as a moderate in California and has morphed herself into Margaret Thatcher.  That's probably not genuine.  Her business career also has a lot of folks talking about what a terrible CEO she was and I haven't seen her successfully refute that.  She has likely acquited herself well enough to earn a spot in the cabinet, nothing more.

MARCO RUBIO--his problem is that he's literally in the middle.  The establishment holds him out as a last resort because of his enthusiasm for amnesty if Jeb!, Christie, and Kasich collapse.  The conservatives would support him only if the other conservatives were defeated and he was the last one standing against the RINO brigade.  He has a shot, but a very small one.


JEB!--the man with the exclamation point as a last name has no real shot at the nomination.  He only remains a "contender" because the media is obsessed with telling us what a great guy he is and what an electable threat he is to the Democrats.  You know, like Ford, Dole, McCain, and Romney.  He has no energy.  His ideas are looney tunes.  He smacks conservatives around while telling us that Obama has pure motives.  If he is the nominee, it will only be through buying it and most of us will sit home on election day.

TED CRUZ--currently nestled in 3rd or 4th place in most polls, Ted Cruz is actually sitting in a good position.  He continues to impress the right with his passion, his intelligence, and his willingness to stand up to the GOP leadership on principle time and time again.  He's also the backup choice for most of the Trump supporters.  He is the consistent conservative fighter that the GOP needs right now and he has a very good shot at winning.  (Disclaimer--we've endorsed Senator Cruz!)

BEN CARSON--the good doctor is seeing a surge in the polls right now.  He's bright, he's not a politician, and he's a man of incredible integrity.  People are looking for a non-politician outsider. Dr. Carson fits that bill.  Having never held political office or fleshed out his political positions prior to this campaign, however, can be a problem.  He's questionable on a few core issues.  He's also maybe not as much of a fighter as we need.  As he gets greater media attention with his higher poll numbers, we will see if he is up to the challenge.

DONALD TRUMP--current frontrunner Donald Trump has been a media sensation.  None of the normal political rules applies to him.  He can make outlandish statements and insult opponents like a schoolyard bully with impunity.  He has tapped into the anger that most Americans feel toward the political establishment in DC in both parties.  He knows how to punch back the media into submission.  The problem is that Trump's vision for America is highly erratic.  He has flipped back and forth so many times on every single issue.  He'll savage Obamacare but then admit that he's fine with a single-payer system.  He'll talk up simplifying the tax code and then say he's for raising taxes. Trump is a much-needed one man wrecking ball that is smashing apart the GOP establishment and the media.  He is not, however, the man most folks will be comfortable with as president.

Although his numbers remain high, I get a sense that things are shifting.  I used to be one of those folks who loved watching Trump.  As I began to look at his track record in terms of political positions, donations, affiliations, etc, I began to get concerned.  I mocked Mitt Romney for far less, so how could I give Donald Trump a pass?  Folks that I talk to who were giddy with excitement over Trump 2 months ago now tell me that they really have serious concerns with his  "conservatism" and inability to control his temper tantrums.  You see the same thing on social media. His juxtaposition with Ted Cruz at the Iran deal rally was a night and day depiction of a presidential candidate and a media star.  If I'm sensing a larger pattern, his numbers will slowly erode.  They won't happen quickly because folks are reluctant to leave the winning bandwagon.  Once people start seeing his numbers trending downward, however, it will give them cover to jump too.  Who will benefit the most from that?  Well, at this point it would be Carson and Cruz.

So there you have it.  The state of the GOP race as I see it now.  We'll see if this week's debate will change any of the race dynamics.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cruz At #StopIranDeal Rally in DC: Presidential, Substantive, Passionate

Cruz and Trump at the #StopIranDeal Rally in DC
Senator Ted Cruz led the charge in DC today as thousands gathered on the steps of the US Capitol to protest the horrendous Obama Iran Deal.  Joining Senator Cruz were fellow presidential candidate Donald Trump, radio host Mark Levin, and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The speeches were passionate and to the point.  The Iran deal is bad.  Not just for the United States, but for Israel, for the Middle East, for the world.

In two speeches, however, it was a study in contrasts.  While it was admirable that Donald Trump brought his considerable media clout to the event, Mr. Trump didn't seem to have much to say.  It was entertaining to hear him launch into a rant calling Mr. Obama's deal "amateur hour" and declaring repeatedly that we are being led by "stupid, stupid" people.  However, Mr. Trump gave no specifics, didn't give his audience a call to action and then pivoted into his stump speech.

It wasn't really the place for Trump to be campaigning for president and making promises of "if you elect me president" over and over again while going on a litany of issues that he would douse in his Trumpian awesome sauce.

But, Mr. Trump is standing against the deal and helping to draw attention to this important fight and we should commend him for that.

Hearing his speech and Ted Cruz's speech back to back revealed quite the stark contrast.

Where Trump was all bombast and rhetoric and full of political self-adulation, Cruz kept his focus on the issue at hand--stopping the Iran deal.

Senator Cruz spoke with passion and conviction and he armed us with facts.

Cruz pointed out an obvious fact that the Democrats who support this deal and the Republicans who enable them can't seem to grasp, stating, “It’s worth remembering that if this deal goes through we know to an absolute certainty that people will die.”

Cruz also continued to defy the thought police of the national political conversation by reiterating his point that as a result of this deal, Barack Obama and the United States will become "the leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism."  But, wait, Jeb! told me that Obama has good motives.

This kind of direct talk to the unwashed masses doesn't sit well with entrenched political class folks like Mitch McConnell, John Boehner & their posse.  Because decorum, or something.

Senator Cruz spoke to the people assembled and rising up against this treasonous deal. He then spoke to his Democratic colleagues, 42 of whom have declared that they will vote for the Iran deal:

"I want to ask every Senate Democrat, 'How will you look in the eyes of the mother or father or sons or daughters of those who are murdered by jihadists, those Americans who are blown up, those American who are shot, those Israelis who are murdered?'" Cruz said. "And let me be clear if you vote to send billions of dollars to jihadists who pledge to murder Americans, then you bear direct responsibility for the murders carried out with the dollars you have given. You cannot wash your hands of that blood."

Cruz then turned his attention to the feckless Republican leadership.  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner could stop this deal by saying that the timetable of the ludicrous Corker surrender bill that enabled this deal to avoid being treated as a treaty does not start until all portions of the deal are submitted to congress.  The various side deals such as the gem allowing Iran to inspect itself and let us know that it doesn't have nukes have not made their way to the senate for consideration.  In so doing, Cruz put additional political pressure on the Republican overlords to actually do something more than a symbolic show vote that they know for certain they will lose.  They could simply follow the law and stop the lifting of sanctions on Iran.  He even challenged the financial industry that even if President Obama violates federal law and lifts the sanctions, that they will have no legal protection if they go along--as they will then be joining Obama in violating federal law.

Senator Cruz was everything you would want in a president today.  He was fearless.  He was articulate.  He wasn't focused on himself but on the issue at hand.

As he has on virtually every single issue in the political arena today, Senator Cruz continues to put the issues front and center instead of narcissistically advancing himself.  Does that benefit him politically? Sure.  But Cruz has demonstrated time and time again that his concern is with fighting for what matters, keeping his campaign promises and standing up to party bosses and the permanent political class on behalf of the people who sent him there.

It is exactly that tenacity and political consistency that makes Ted Cruz the man that America needs in the White House.  You can watch his complete speech below:

God Bless America

God Bless America
God Bless America

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