"Let us resolve that young Americans will always find there is a city of hope in a country that is free...and let us resolve that they will say of our day and our generation, we did keep faith with our God, that we did act worthy of ourselves, that we did protect and pass on lovingly that shining city on a hill."

Ronald Reagan,
40th President of the United State

Sunday, July 24, 2016

#NeverTrump & #NeverHillary

This blog will be pretty much shut down for the remainder of the 2016 election now that both political parties have nominated pathological liars who are morally, ethically, ideologically, and temperamentally unfit for office.

I cannot and will not support the GOP nominee Donald Trump.  The man is a mentally ill narcissist who is immoral, unstable, and spent 69 years of his life being a radical leftist and funding their causes.  He is also obsessed with dictators and authoritarians.

He is also thoroughly dishonest.  Every word that comes out of his mouth is either nonsense or a lie.

As a result, I have left the Republican party and will not be supporting either major party in the fall.

I will continue to tweet on politics using our @cityonahillpolitics handle.

In November, barring the late entrances of a viable 3rd party candidate, I will be writing in Ted Cruz for president.

It is time for Americans to pray to God for protection because both of our major candidates will destroy this country and make America a disgrace across the globe.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Anti-Establishment" GOP Trades Reason For Madness

"What difference does it make?" Hillary Clinton
With Donald Trump's victories last night bringing him ever closer to the magic number of 1237 and giving him the aura of inevitability, the #NeverTrump movement now faces a do or die moment in Indiana.  Either we will unite behind Ted Cruz and deny Trump the majority of delegates he needs to win the nomination or the GOP will nominate Donald J. Trump for president.

I'd like to apologize for any hand I may have had in indirectly leading to this moment.

Let me explain.

I've been a loud voice challenging the political establishment for years.  I had supported President George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 but was severely disappointed in his leadership during his second term.  The bailouts, the largest domestic spending increase since LBJ, the unwillingness or inability to find anything in government that could be cut.  Texas v. Medellin where the Bush administration sought to subject U.S. criminal law to the United Nations (a crisis only averted because the Texas Solicitor General, Ted Cruz, argued against the Bush administration before the Supreme Court and won the case.)  It all was a leftward drift.  There was no real champion of conservatism.

During the era of bailouts, my eyes were opened to the horrors of crony capitalism.  I didn't realize that the GOP was as corrupt as the Democratic party.  Then came 2008.  I almost vomited when I realized that John McCain was going to be the nominee.  He didn't even really convincingly pretend to be conservative most of the time.  When he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate, I became enthused about the ticket because I saw in Palin a conservative champion who was willing to stand up to the party bosses and do the right thing.  I was tired of falling in line and voting for a lesser of evils.  I was tired of hearing politicians promise me things only to drop those once in office because "compromise" or something.

I saw the party's treatment of Sarah Palin during that election as confirmation that there was a clear dividing line between the people and the establishment.  I cheered on the tea party in 2009 and beyond.  I blogged, tweeted, and campaigned for outsiders that challenged incumbent establishment moderates.

In 2012, I was willing to support anyone other than Mitt Romney.  Everyone flamed out.  Everyone.  Palin sat it out, and no real conservative stood against Romney.  Once again I conceded my vote to the lesser of the two evils.  To be honest, I felt that Mitt did a better job in the campaign than I expected, but my vote was still really an anti-Obama vote and not a pro-Mitt vote.

So when 2016 rolled around, I had high hopes that the mood of the electorate had finally changed to the point where a anti-establishment conservative stood a real chance of winning the nomination.  It was obvious from day one that the establishment candidates--Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and the gang wouldn't take off.  There was no excitement or support for their candidacies.  In previous years Governor Bush would have taken the nomination in a walk.

And yet I seem to have misunderstood the people I had aligned myself with for the past few years.  You see, I believed that they, like me, opposed the establishment because of it's corruption, it's lack of conservative conviction, it's party over principle approach to governance and elections.

I was wrong.

It seems that many of the folks who stood beside me in the anti-establishment movement are simply anti-establishment.  They have no guiding political convictions.  They will talk about the constitution but have probably never read it nor care much for what it says.  They oppose the establishment only so long as they are not a part of it, but if given the chance, they would enact their own establishment and conduct business the same way.

I support Senator Ted Cruz because he is a man of principle who has done exactly what he said he would do.  He has stood, often alone, against his own party as it betrayed the constitutional conservative voters who elected it, over and over again.  He has been our voice in a sea of madness.

And yet, the anti-establishment folks have chosen to support Donald Trump instead of Ted Cruz.

They are so against illegal immigration that they will support a man who was for amnesty as recently as 2014, who has time and time again employed illegals at his properties, who originally supported Syrian refugees before he opposed it, and who wants to kick illegals out only to let them back in via touch-back amnesty because "we're gonna build a wall."

The are so outraged by crony capitalism that they flock to an orange-tinted billionaire who has used the bankruptcy laws 4 times to defraud investors, openly brags about buying and owning politicians, and who literally supported every single bailout from Bush and Obama.  A man who refuses to hire lobbyists until he fills his campaign with lobbyists, including a man who lobbied on behalf of Pakistan and the Palestinians and who is under investigation for fraud in the Cayman Islands.  

They are so outraged by the usurpation of 1/5 of the US economy via the farce that is Obamacare that they support the man that continues in GOP debates during this election cycle to praise single-payer healthcare and who says the government will pay for healthcare because we can't have people "dying in the streets" right out of the Democratic talking points.

The are so solidly with Israel that they support a man who sees the Palestinians and Israel through a moral equivalency, and who canceled a trip to Israel because he doesn't like Netanyahu's attitude because he was once the grand marshal of some pro-Israel parade and his son-in-law is Jewish.

They are so horrified at Ted Cruz because his wife was a low-level member of a panel for the Council on Foreign Relations because this means that Cruz is a one world order guy, that they will support the guy who says he "supports everything the UN stands for" and who hired as his top foreign policy advisor the president of the Council on Foreign Relations.

They excoriated McCain, Romney, and Bush for flip-flopping on every issue that matters that they flock to a man who flip-flops on every issue that matters within minutes and then reverses back again because "telling it like it is" or something.

They loath Obama for his celebrity and mindless followers and his outright narcissism, so they flock to the guy who is a bigger narcissist and who is late for his victory speech because he's attending a swanky Time Magazine sponsored celebrity-filled party in NYC and who claims that his top advisor is himself because "he has a big brain" and he "says a lot of things."

The want rule of law enforced and the constitution followed, but support a man who when asked about Obama's unconstitutional executive orders, suggests that he will do executive orders better than Obama.

They mock Obama's lack of substance over "hope and change" but swoon and guffaw when Trump screams about a wall, and answers policy questions by saying," I strongly support policy.  I strongly support being smart."  This is policy meat to them because if Trump answered with specifics someone else would steal his ideas.

They demand to bring jobs back to the US and they think the man who can best accomplish this is a billionaire who makes his shirts and ties in China and Mexico.

This election has really revealed that a large part of this anti-establishment movement is nothing but mentally ill malcontents who are no better than the leftist socialists.

I will never vote for Donald Trump.  He is not a lesser of the evils.  He is just plain evil.  He's a morally bankrupt con man who has no idea what he's talking about and who, until 5 minutes ago, agreed with everything in Hillary Clinton's platform.  Mr. Trump's candidacy has not destroyed the GOP.  It has re-made it into a populist-nationalist party.  What his candidacy has done is destroy the conservative movement.  

His dishonest attacks on a good man have severely damaged the reputation of one of the most principled constitutional conservatives of our generation.  His candidacy has stripped Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Jeff Sessions, Laura Ingraham, Fox News, and other previous conservative leaders of their integrity and credibility.

The GOP can go ahead and nominate Donald Trump.  I will not vote for him.  In the choice between Hillary and Trump, I see no daylight between the two.  I will find some obscure third party or independent candidate to support.  I will also leave the GOP for good.  I'm not anti-establishment just for kicks. I'm for constitutional conservatism.  I'm really not interested in burning the GOP establishment to the ground only to hand it to a progressive conman who wants to date his daughter.

I will continue to fight for Ted Cruz until the last delegates are counted.  I will maintain my integrity. I will remain #NeverTrump and feel no guilt or shame about that.

As for his supporters--I want nothing to do with most of them either.  I've already purged my social media largely of Trump supporters.  There are precious few who are rational.  I don't desire to through in with people immune to facts and reason.  It's not any cooler when it happens on the right.  I'm sorry that I ever threw in with you folks to begin with and I'll not soon forget the ease with which they tossed aside their convictions as they swooned over an orange bloated billionaire con man.

May God have mercy on us all.



Friday, March 11, 2016

The Great Re-Aligning of 2016

This election cycle has been a dramatic re-shaping of my entire political world.

Consider:  As recently as January 2015, I was interested in seeing Governor Sarah Palin run for president.  When she was announced as a speaker at Steve King's Iowa Summit in early 2015, I had high hopes for her appearance.

Then Sarah Palin appeared at the event and delivered a word salad of nonsense that sounded like a drunk Kardashian.  On and on she went at a presidential forum about social media and her son standing on a dog.  Then self-professed Christian Sarah Palin had an F word suggestion for Michael Moore in a viral social media image.

As a long-term blogger in her defense, I refused to blog publicly about this incident, but I did express concerns privately with other Palin folks.  I tweeted a few mildly-worded criticisms of her speech.  Within minutes, her unhinged supporters began telling me to go F myself, and tossing various other language my way.  I had to block a whole group of them.

It was then that I realized that many of the folks I had aligned myself were actually not who I thought they were.

Over the past year, I've lost respect for and largely abandoned the following:
Sarah Palin
Drudge Report
Jeff Sessions
Ben Carson
Sean Hannity
Fox News

You see, as the campaign warmed up in the summer of 2015, I began to grow concerned with some of the folks gushing over Donald Trump.  He was entertaining, and I figured that his candidacy was good in the sense that it would help to burn the establishment down.  After about 30 seconds of researching Mr. Trump's record of statements, actions, affiliations, and donations, however, I was able to rule him ineligible to be my choice for president.  I would support him if he was the nominee but not until then.

In fact, in both ideology and integrity, Trump makes one pine for the days of worthy nominees like John McCain and Mitt Romney.  That is how far we've fallen from where we want to be.

As the campaign continued, Breitbart essentially became the PR wing of the Trump campaign.  Suddenly they were heaping praise on the man that Andrew Breitbart himself outed as a fraud.

I began to notice that a jarring number of their stories were lacking in accuracy. The headlines were misleading and they took words of other candidates out of context.  Suddenly, I began questioning if they were always this disingenuous.

Still, though, Trump was probably one of my top choices.

Then he went full birther on Cruz and began turning his Alinsky-style baseless allegations and character assassinations on Ted Cruz.  That's where Trump lost me forever.  At that moment, I became #NeverTrump.  There was no way I would vote for a lying fraud like Donald Trump.  It was bad enough that I might have to support him with a fair amount of questions about whether he shares my beliefs.  Now, my concerns on ideological fealty were secondary to the disturbing lack of character and near permanent emotional instability.

I deleted the Breitbart app from my phone and stopped going there.  (With notable exception Ben Shapiro, who is wonderful.)

By this point, I had already stopped visiting Conservatives4Palin because the commenters were like something out of the Star Wars bar scene.  I couldn't take it.

When Palin announced that she was endorsing Donald Trump, I resigned from Organize4Palin, and unfollowed Palin on all social media.  Good thing too, her recent Facebook rants are the full Alinsky smear jobs on Ted Cruz.  You know, the same things we always defended her from.

Sean Hannity's unhealthy obsession with Trump now rivals Ann Coulter's, so soon I found him on the list of folks I don't bother to listen to much.

Fox News and their incredibly dishonest reporting this season of "every loss is a win for Rubio and every win is a loss for Cruz" really limited my viewing.  When they began airing literally every single Trump rally in its entirety without any interruption, but failing to do so for any other candidate, I stopped watching Fox News.

I actually now find CNN's political coverage to be more fair.

I never thought that I would say such a thing, but at least when someone is lying to me under the guise of political analysis, they aren't pretending to be a Republican or a conservative.  And the conservatives that CNN does employ contain both the conservative ideology and the general anti-establishment mentality that I share.

So, now I've also deleted newly anti-Christian and Trump propagandist The Drudge Report from my phone.  I've unfollowed a lot of folks on Twitter that I no longer respect due to their blind allegiance to Trump and their willingness to lie about anything regarding Ted Cruz in order to advance their orange-toned con man.

The best analysis that I can give of this election was delivered by, I think, Steve Deace.

He pointed out that supporting Trump is like supporting the French Revolution.  It's basically a savage burning down of the establishment without a care or thought as to what to replace it with.

Supporting Rubio, he suggested, was like supporting Britain in the Revolutionary War, as he was unlikely to challenge the establishment and change the dynamics of DC.

And supporting Cruz was like supporting the American Revolution in that you are tearing down the establishment, but focused on replacing it with a consistent constitutional conservatism.

That's where I've always been.  I assumed others like Palin were with me.  They were not.  They are so fixated on burning down the establishment that they have abandoned their own convictions, but deny doing so because despite vast piles of evidence to the contrary, they project what they still claim to be their own convictions onto a con man who has none.

An example of that would be Jeff Sessions.  Sessions worked side by side with Mike Lee and Ted Cruz to stop amnesty in the senate.  Instead of endorsing Cruz, Sessions jumped on the Trump train largely because of his immigration plan.

The problem is that Trump has returned to supporting H1B visas.  He's said his position on immigration is "negotiable."  He's admitted to openly hiring illegally aliens at his various properties repeatedly because they will "do jobs that Americans won't do."  He's admitted to having his shirts and ties made in Mexico and China after demonizing other companies for doing the same.  When pressed on this issue, he stated that people don't understand how business is run.  But don't worry, when he's on a rant about these decidedly less stringent immigration policies, he just screams "we're gonna build a wall!" and his puzzled audience falls back into rock star worship amid screaming, punching and threatening to kill protesters, winking and nodding at the KKK,  and making Nazi-like pledges of loyalty to Herr Trump.

Does any of that nonsense sound like something that Jeff Sessions would support?

Or how about staunch pro-life activist Sarah Palin?  Did you ever think that she'd shill for a guy who provides political cover for Planned Parenthood by repeating the lie that they do a lot of good work besides abortion.  Trump even continues the false narrative that they help women with breast cancer despite the fact that not a single Planned Parenthood possesses a mammogram machine.

And the most recent example is Dr. Ben Carson.  Carson "ran for president" without actively campaigning or doing anything that a candidate does.  He took lengthy breaks to go on book tours, and to return home to do laundry for weeks on end.  He also had his staff drive his empty campaign bus around in Iowa so that it looked like he was campaigning when he was sitting home in Florida. Then, he allowed himself to be manipulated to lie about Ted Cruz, and then after months of lecturing us about virtues, Christian morality, and civility, Dr. Carson endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Trump has told opponents to go F themselves, called Ted Cruz the P word, and talked about the size of his penis from the presidential campaign and debate stages.  He lies endlessly about his opponents, shouts them down like a toddler during debates, and even called Ben Carson "pathological" like a "child molester" during his run.  Oh, and he repeatedly talks about dating his daughter and how sexy he finds her.

Does that sound like something that resembles Carson's call for civility and Christian morality?

What I've realized through all of this is that a lot of the "conservative movement" is really no different than the Obama zombies that we ridiculed during the 2008 campaign and the for-profit political hacks that they revile.

They do not stand for principles. They stand for personalities or personal wealth.  They stand for Sarah Palin. They stand for Donald Trump.  They don't stand for the constitution or conservative principles.  They pledge their loyalty to people rather than to ideas that transcend a single person.

Ask yourself, if George Soros announced tomorrow that he was a Republican, and began screaming about building a wall on the border with Mexico, would we all flock to his side?  Would we excuse his various left-wing candidates and causes that he donated to as just business?  Would we claim that the man who has bought access through abusing crony capitalism would solve the problem of crony capitalism because he couldn't be bought?

No?  Well, that's something isn't it.

We have lost a lot of people and ground in this campaign.  We have gained clarity.  We know who we are, what we believe, and why we believe it.  We won't blindly follow celebrities in order to win and crush the establishment if it means abandoning our principles.

Our dedication and devotion needs to be to the idea of liberty, not to some messianic figure who claims he single-handedly can make America great again.

It's time to unite behind the only full spectrum conservative in the race with a chance to win--Ted Cruz.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Only Cruz Can Beat Trump

Cruz & Rubio together could beat Trump & save America.
After the Super Tuesday primaries and the Saturday "Super Cruz Day" voting has been tabulated, it is abundantly clear that there is only 1 person who can beat Donald Trump in the GOP primary--Ted Cruz.

Cruz won Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska on Super Tuesday--admittedly less states than Cruz had hoped for, but with the vast number of delegates in Texas, and with Cruz also besting Trump's 3rd place finish in Minnesota, Cruz was able to keep the delegate race with Trump close.  Rubio was not.

When Saturday's votes came in, Cruz added Kansas and Maine to his win column in blowout victories.  He also won the votes cast on election day in Louisiana and took Louisiana and Kentucky from certain double digit losses to Trump to a loss by 3-4 points in each state.

In fact, in Louisiana, Cruz and Trump both earn 18 delegates, making that effectively a tie.  Trump earns a mere 2 delegates more than Cruz in the state of Kentucky.

It is clear that since Super Tuesday and the Thursday night debate, there has been a massive shift of momentum in Cruz's direction and largely at the expense of Rubio.

Rubio, who won Walter Mondale's favorite state of Minnesota on Super Tuesday, only managed to sneak into 2nd place in a few other states, but fell to 3rd in many contests.  In Saturday's voting, Rubio collapsed to near Kasich levels.  He actually took 4th in Maine with a mere 8%, and his highest showing was 16%.

In the delegate race, estimates vary from site to site, but it appears that Trump leads with 391 delegates, Cruz is 2nd with 304, and Rubio is a distant 3rd with 125.  

Rubio is behind Trump in all state polling in Florida by double digits.  His weak showing on Super Tuesday and collapse on Saturday will only cause his numbers to drop further in the sunshine state.  Cruz is more likely than not to surpass Rubio in Florida now.  With both candidates remaining as #NeverTrump options, they will divide the vote and Trump will likely pull out a win.

In addition, this election has demonstrated a break with traditional voting patterns.  The GOP usually nominates the "most electable" moderate establishment candidate.  Those candidates' campaigns have become essentially a blazing dumpster fire as the outsiders have consistently earned over half and at times near 75% or more of the vote in state after state.  Marco Rubio can realistically be called a conservative on most things, but his role in the Gang of 8 amnesty debacle among other establishment pipe dreams, renders him unacceptable to a vast majority of those voters seeking an outsider.  Ted Cruz, however, has consistently stood against not only the Washington elites, but the elites in his own party and as such would be a more acceptable option to the voters of 2016.

There simply is not a path forward for Marco Rubio other than a brokered convention.  And a brokered convention would be insanity.  Trump would almost certainly go to the convention with the largest share of the delegates.  To deny him the nomination would be to incite the foaming at the mouth rage so prevalent in his followers.  Trump and his legion of mindless zombies who raise their hands to pledge their Hitler-like devotion to their orange overlord would believe that the nomination was stolen from the small-handed billionaire--and they'd be right.

As much as I oppose Donald Trump, the time to beat him is in the primary, not by stealing the nomination from him in political maneuvering at the GOP convention.  That.  Will.  Not.  End.  Well.

You can't have a convention steal the nomination from the candidate who represents the outsider rage that his supporters are feeling.  It will justify Trump's 3rd party run, and the chosen nominee would be so unpopular that he or she would likely come in 3rd place in the fall.

Rubio has no senate seat to return to.  It's unlikely that he'd be chosen in a brokered convention.  That would likely go to Mitt Romney.  Rubio's best chance forward is to join Cruz and make a deal to help Cruz win the nomination in exchange for the VP slot.  If he waits to long to approach Cruz on such a deal, he will no longer have viability and the VP slot will go to someone else, leaving him with nothing.

A Rubio who puts country over personal ambition, would be a Rubio that lives to fight another day.  A Rubio that loses his home state and then insists on staying in the race beyond that becomes a sore loser who has no viable electoral future.

I get it, it's a tough spot to be in.  It's disappointing when you thought this was your moment, but it's simply too late for Rubio to stage a comeback.

Rubio's remaining in the race denied Cruz the 50% threshold which would have denied Trump delegates in Texas.  Rubio also more than made the difference in Louisiana and Kentucky.  Had he dropped from the race, Cruz would have won all 4 contests yesterday.

Anyone living in the upcoming primary and caucus states that is opposed to Donald Trump should unite now behind Ted Cruz.  It is unlikely that Rubio will drop from the race, perhaps even after he loses Florida.  It is up to the voters to make the choice.  You might prefer Rubio, but by supporting him, you ensure that Donald Trump will be the nominee.

As a Cruz supporter, I prepared to face this reality.  In the days leading up to Super Tuesday, it looked like Cruz wouldn't win a single state, except maybe Texas by a small margin.

As the early results came in and there was talk of Rubio winning Virginia, and Kasich winning Vermont (both states ended up going Trump) I began considering that Senator Cruz might need to drop from the race after an abysmal showing.  Indeed, reports have surfaced that Cruz and his top campaign staff discussed such an exit if the numbers didn't go their way.  It would have been the right thing to do in order to save the country from the disaster of a Trump nomination.

Cruz, however, won not only Texas, but Oklahoma, and Alaska, while also beating Trump in Minnesota.  That kept him less than 100 delegates behind Trump.

It is time for Kasich and Rubio to drop out of the race if they are serious about Trump not being the nominee.  If they persist in pushing a brokered convention strategy, they will not be chosen as the nominee and they will have created a third party movement fueled by the irrational rage of the Trump zombie horde which will be now reasonably justified by political games that undo the will of the voters.

I personally hope that Rubio and Kasich make the right choice. Cruz is my preferred candidate, but I could potentially support Kasich or Rubio in the fall.  I cannot and will not support Donald Trump if he is the nominee.  Handing the GOP nomination to him will ensure that Hillary will win the general election and continue the leftist decimation of the United States.

There is only one candidate left that can beat Trump one on one, and who is close enough to the delegate total to overtake Trump by the end of the primary season.  That man is Ted Cruz. It's time to unite behind him or accept the inevitability of a Trump nomination.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Unite or Die: Turmp Must Be Stopped

It's time to unite conservatives & strike back at Trump...
Reality star Donald Trump completely wiped the floor with the rest of the field in New Hampshire, re-establishing his place as the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

Mr. Trump is not and has never been a constitutional conservative.  He is a populist and a nationalist running as a post-ideological candidate who has admirers from supporters of Sarah Palin to supporters of Bernie Sanders. (I continue to predict that Sanders will be on the short list for a running mate for Trump.  They could form a unity ticket that would win in a landslide against Hillary. Don't believe me?  Just remember you heard it here first.)

Mr. Trump's pronouncements of how great he alone can make America runs counter to Ronald Reagan.  President Reagan, once derided by Trump as a "con man" who couldn't deliver, believed that the people of America were great and that he was just the messenger. He inspired the country to believe in ourselves, Mr. Trump bullies the country into adoring him.  Losers and haters need to be dehumanized by Trump and his hordes of undead followers.  Trump is not to be questioned nor doubted.  Even when he contradicts himself daily.  When he gets up in the morning and spends the day telling us that Ted Cruz is a fraud from Canada who is ineligible to be president and who stole the Iowa Caucus, we are to fervently believe it to be so.  When he gets up the next day and proclaims Ted Cruz to be a good guy that he gets along with and would like to have as his VP, we are to rabidly call for a Trump-Cruz ticket.  And we are to do so without seeing any inconsistency there.

Mr. Trump does not campaign on limited government.  He doesn't talk about cutting the size of government.  He rarely mentions the constitution at all except to use it to claim that Ted Cruz is no eligible to run for president.  He has no real political conviction on any issue that matters:

ON ABORTION--he once declared himself to be so pro-choice that he supported partial birth abortion.  He says he's pro-life now, but he opposes defunding Planned Parenthood and he's mentioned his abortion rights champion sister as a potential nominee for the Supreme Court.  

EMINENT DOMAIN--he loves it, and you should too.  He tried to abuse it to usurp a widow's home to put a limo parking lot by one of his casinos, but the court beat him back.

TAXES--he wants to raise taxes on "the rich"which has never been a policy of conservatives.  First, we understand that during an economic recession you don't make it harder to grow business.  Second, we don't view America through the same class warfare lenses that the left does. Also, he supported every bailout.  So, it ain't about protecting the little people.  You know, the people that he mocks and says he could shoot someone in the street and they'd still be so dumb as to fall in line in support for him?  Yeah, those people.

BORDER--yes, we know, when the audience loses interest, he starts yelling about building the wall and they go nuts.  Or so he tells us.  (Another sign of the respect he has for his followers.)  Mind you, that's when he's not calling people p*ssies, telling them to go f*** themselves, or boasting of bombing the s**t out of people from a presidential campaign rally stage.  Trump, however, used to be for amnesty and talked about how you can't deport people.  He's still for touchback amnesty, where he'll kick the illegals out and allow them to come back and become citizens, and he supported importing Syrian refugees until he opposed it.

"Conservatives" like Sarah Palin who have endorsed Mr. Trump, have sold out conservatism in favor of celebrity-driven populism.  You simply can't support Trump and pretend to be a conservative.

But again, it's beyond his lack of fealty to conservative ideals.  Mr. Trump lacks integrity or character.  Even in the comparison of integrity between Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, what difference does it make?

Which brings me to the point of this post.

It's time to unite or die.  If Donald Trump wins South Carolina by the same margin that the polls suggest, which is similar to his margin of victory in New Hampshire, we can expect that he will steamroll to the nomination.  That means that constitutional conservatives will have to sit home or vote for a third party candidate.  Many of us will not vote for a man of low character who doesn't agree with our principles.

Most of us,  unlike celebrity obsessed attention seekers like Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter, vote for principles, not personality.  We don't oppose crony capitalism only to cheer on a man who has bragged for decades about using his vast wealth to buy politicians and bend the will of the government to his personal gain.  Sorry, that's just not how people of conviction conduct themselves.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have been spending a lot of time attacking each other.  I support Ted Cruz.  Marco Rubio lost me on amnesty.  I don't trust him.  He is, however, largely a conservative, which is more than can be said of Trump.

Marco Rubio is not the enemy.  

Ben Carson is not running for president.  He takes long breaks where he sits home for days, presumably doing his laundry, when he should be campaigning for president.  His delight in being Trump's spoiler to take down Cruz suggests that Mr. Carson lacks the integrity we all ascribed to him prior to this race.  It's time for the formerly good doctor to take back his integrity and drop from the race.  

In the meantime, it's time that supporters of Rubio and Cruz call a truce. Trump is the enemy.  He cannot be allowed to coast to a nomination.  We can fight for the nomination against each other once he's gone.  He needs to be defeated.  Now.

It's time for conservatives to unite or die.  If you want to have a conservative nominee, it's time for people like the hapless Ben Carson to drop out of the race and for Cruz and Rubio folks to focus our ire at Trump and his legion of mindless zombies that follow his every move with delight.  His supporters can't be won over, but they can be defeated.   It's time for the non-Trump voters to unite behind a candidate.  It may not be the candidate of your choice, but it's the only way we can defeat Trump.  I believe that Ted Cruz is that candidate.  It's a time for choosing.  Polls have shown that when this goes down to a 2 person race, Trump loses.

We need to thin the heard and do so quickly or Trump will lose in a landslide to Hillary while decimating the right for years to come.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why Cruz Trumps Rubio For Me

Cruz: the consistent & courageous conservative I've been looking for
I grew up in the 1980s watching Ronald Reagan bring America back from the brink of socialist collapse under the malaise of Jimmy Carter.  To be fair, I was only 12 when Ronald Reagan left office.  Most kids my age didn't pay much attention to politics or the President of the United States.

I did.

I couldn't help it.  My mom was a fanatical Ronald Reagan supporter and I was enthralled by his speeches and news clips as my mom constantly told me what a good man Reagan was.  I remember in 1984 riding bikes with my friend and next door neighbor and chastising him for his liberal parents supporting Walter Mondale because Ronald Reagan was so awesome.  I was eight.

Since then I've pretty much read almost every Reagan biography there is, along with his own autobiographies and collections of his notes and writings.  The first presidential election I could vote in, however, was 1996.  I proudly cast my vote for Bob Dole over Bill Clinton.  Back then, I was still a card-carrying member of the GOP.  To me, it mattered if a Republican won over a Democrat even if there wasn't a strong difference between them ideologically.

In New Jersey in 1993, I volunteered for the Christine Todd Whitman for Governor campaign and met Whitman and former GOP Congressman Jack Kemp as he toured Camden with her during a campaign swing.

Since then I supported George W Bush twice.  In 2008 my candidate was Fred Thompson.  He didn't last long.  By the time the irrelevant NJ June primary came around, he wasn't even on the ballot.  McCain had long since locked up the nomination but I voted for Mike Huckabee in protest.   I supported McCain enthusiastically in the general only because of his Vice Presidential selection in the dynamic Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.

In 2012, I had no candidate in the running.  My primary vote in the irrelevant NJ primary went to Newt Gingrich because I couldn't stomach voting for Mitt Romney until I absolutely had to.

This year, I enthusiastically endorsed Ted Cruz for president.  He remains the greatest chance that I have in my voting lifetime to actually cast a ballot for a true conservative.

You see, I'm tired of voting for people who claim conservatism during elections and then govern as liberals.  I've experienced that with two governors--Christine Todd Whitman and Chris Christie.  I was disappointed with George W. Bush's spending problem after proclaiming to carry the mantle of Reagan.  I'm tired of the Republican party selecting leaders like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell who clearly not only don't believe in constitutional conservatism, but have outright disdain for it.  I'm tired of being lectured every 4 years that people who share my views are extremists who can't get elected and that we all need to unite behind someone who shares as many views with the Democratic opponent as they do with me.

So as I began researching the candidates for 2016, the record of the person mattered far more than their rhetoric.  I'll admit that when Trump entered the race I was wildly entertained and was open to supporting him.  Then I researched him.  And I realized that this man has no governing political philosophy of any kind.  Even during this campaign he continues to toss in liberal positions such as touchback amnesty, enthusiasm for single-payer healthcare, and subsidies for things like ethanol into his political word salads.  And he never advocates conservatism anywhere.  His speeches are merely recitations of his polling numbers and blanket promises to build walls, take jobs from China and make America great again.  Hope and change, anyone?

To be honest, the Trump phenomenon has caused me to question a great deal about the conservative movement and whether or not it is viable or even remotely committed to principles.  I've watched people that I like and respect abandon reason for a cult of personality akin to Obama's creepy 2008 rise.  These are people who adamantly oppose sell-out establishment types and who excoriated Mitt Romney for his flip-flops on issues, and yet they don't bat an eye at the bat-crap crazy daily political contradictions from Trump.  They also shrug away his lifetime of buying and selling politicians and his open embrace financially and via public statements and endorsements of radical leftist politicians and positions.  These are people who are horrified now that Cruz took a loan against his own assets, but have no care that Trump filed bankruptcy 4 times or that he owes millions to a George Soros fronted funding group.

It's beyond comprehension.

So for me, Trump was out.  I looked at the field and was impressed by a number of people and what they had to say.  Most of them, however, fell short in various areas.  Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are impressive social conservatives, but they lack fiscal conservative bona fides.  They were out.  I can't do another big government conservative.

Moderates like Chris Christie (who has been a disaster in New Jersey), Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and the gang never stood a chance with me.

Carly Fiorina impresses me still in her speeches and debate performances. I remember, however, that she was a pro-choice moderate establishment candidate for senate in California just a few years ago.  I don't see what caused the 61 year old former CEO to morph into Margaret Thatcher in 5 years time.  I want to believe that she's changed, but I gave the benefit of the doubt to countless folks and they've proved over and over again that their campaign conservatism lacked roots in the real world application of holding office.  I'm sorry, I just can't take that chance again.

That left me with Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz.

Rand Paul is awesome on personal liberty and I've supported him throughout his career in the senate.  I just find his particular family view of foreign policy a little tin-foil hat-ish.  I think his views on that front are dangerous and naive.  He's fine as a senator, but I can't make the jump to president for him with those beliefs.  His father's anti-Israel bent is also a factor for me here.

Ben Carson is a nice man.  He probably has a fine demeanor as a doctor.  He's brilliant and he's done wonderful things with his career. He is not, however, good at debating.  I will always be thankful that Carson took the plunge because we need citizen politicians and I think his grace and candor have brought a lot to the race.  I don't think that he has what it takes to aggressively take on the Democratic machine.  I passed on the good doctor.  It's also hard to nail down non-politicians on their actual record.  Is he a full spectrum conservative?  I just can't completely ascertain that.

I like Marco Rubio.  And I would agree with his supporters that he's a conservative.  On almost every issue that matters Rubio has voted the right way.  The main problems that I have with Rubio are with his Gang of 8 role thrusting amnesty upon our nation, his support for subsidies like those for sugar, and his over-zealous desire to data-mine all Americans under the guise of national security.

I could support a Rubio candidacy if he is the nominee, but I can't support someone in the primary who still to this day advocates for amnesty.  I can't pick someone to fight the establishment that always takes a silent back seat to Cruz, Paul, and Lee when they stand up to the GOP leadership.  I can't take a chance on someone who has shown repeatedly that he's willing to back down to party leadership when the going gets tough.  He's a good senator overall, but Rubio is not the candidate I am looking for.

Ted Cruz has been consistently conservative since arriving on the scene.  He has stood up time and time again, at great detriment to his own career, to his own party.  He has articulately made the case for bold color conservatism every day of his political career.  Is he perfect?  No.  There have been some minor votes that have puzzled me, but on all of the issues that matter Ted Cruz has stood for constitutional conservatism.  He has been the kind of leader that Reagan was.  He has an ability to brilliantly respond to any attack and he has a great ability to speak conservatism in a way that everyday Americans can understand.

As impressed as I am with Ted Cruz the candidate, it was Ted Cruz the Solicitor General and Senator from Texas that won me over.  Cruz has shown me that his actions as a public official will match his campaign rhetoric.  Do I expect perfection?  No.  Even Reagan wasn't perfect and made some terrible deals with the Democratic congress.  But Reagan never shied from advocating for conservatism.  And Reagan knew enough to walk away from bad deals.  Even if he had to give something up like spending cuts, he still came away with most of what he wanted.  Reagan was also an aggressively strategic thinker able to outmaneuver his opponents domestically and overseas by thinking outside of the box for solutions and by going to the American people directly.  Ted Cruz understands this and has lived this in his own political career.

So for me, 2016 came down to a question of courage and consistency.  I find both in Ted Cruz.  He is the only formidable candidate that possesses both qualities.  He represents the best chance in my voting lifetime to vote for a true conservative.  Please consider joining me in supporting Ted Cruz for president by volunteering and donating at

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Final Pre-Iowa Debate Analysis

Rubio & Cruz are best when they are happy warriors...
With Donald Trump absent, the other candidates had a chance to explain their vision for America in the final debate before the Iowa caucus on Monday night.  Here are the takeaways:


For the early debate that was easily CARLY FIORINA.  She blew the other 3 has-beens out of the water.  If her record matched her current rhetoric, she would be in the top tier and a real contender for the nomination.  It's when people, inspired by her Thatcher-like persona and articulation of conservatism, google her and find out that she ran as a moderate pro-choice establishment Republican for Senate in California just a few years ago that her support dissipates.  That said, she has carried herself well in this campaign and should a Republican prevail, she will likely earn a cabinet spot for her efforts.  HUCKABEE and SANTORUM came across as bitter and jealous.  They also soiled themselves by their pilgrimage to kiss Donald Trump's ring.  And then there was that Gilmore dude that had most of America simply saying, "who dis?"

In the main debate, there isn't a clear winner.  Every man on that stage did well with the exception of the wretched mailman's son from Ohio.

For most of the night the winner would have been MARCO RUBIO.  Rubio overall had a very good night.  The reason why I can't crown him the overall winner, however, is amnesty.  Once the border and amnesty portion began, Rubio struggled.  He basically admitted on stage again that he supports amnesty.  He then attempted to portray Cruz as someone who will say anything to get elected and got booed.  He also seemingly got bested by Jeb! Bush, of all people, in one exchange.  That bad portion was enough to deny him outright victory.

Also, someone in Rubio's orbit needs to tell him to stop drinking Red Bull before he goes on stage.  He says great things.  He just says them manically and at the speed of light.  Slow down.  Stop seeming so panicked.  Rubio's a charismatic guy when he doesn't seem like he's twitching from caffeine.  Also, when he gets really antsy his voice elevates in pitch to that of a pre-pubescent boy.  The high nasal quality of his voice at that point deflates any sense of confidence or swagger and makes him seem as if he's a nervous child.  He is an effective communicator, if he can improve on this, he will be even better.

So, yes, Rubio had a good night overall and should be a solid 2nd or 3rd in Iowa after this performance.

TED CRUZ also had a somewhat successful night but this was his weakest performance to date.  He started out with a snappy joke about Trump, “Let me say, I’m a maniac,” he said. “And everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. And Ben you’re a terrible surgeon.”  With that, he declared that the Trump portion of the debate was over.  It was funny and engaging.  Later, however, Cruz stumbled in arguing with Chris Wallace and in trying out another Trump joke about leaving the stage after mean questions that fell flat.

Cruz is at his best when he's the happy warrior.  And he regained his stride in the second half turning the media/Trump meme that "nobody in DC likes you" into a bona fide endorsement of his outsider credentials to crowd applause.  He also gave a tremendous answer on dismantling Obamacare and replacing it with free market reforms.  

And one powerful moment that annihilated Rubio's smear that he will say anything to get elected: Cruz took on the 6 term Iowa Governor/career crony capitalist Terry Branstad, and vehemently opposed ethanol subsidies, launching into a spirited defense of the free market.  This is in stark contrast to others seeking the nomination who claim conservatism and support ethanol subsidies to win votes in Iowa.  Trump, for example, not only wants to keep the government gravy train running on those subsidies, but he wants to INCREASE THEM in defiance of all free market and conservative principles.  This shouldn't be surprising since Trump supported TARP and all of the Obama corporate bailouts, and since his own donation history demonstrates that he accomplishes his business success largely by buying politicians to get them to do whatever he wants.  It's remains a head-scratcher that conservatives opposed to cronyism and lobbying support a man who is the living embodiment of both.

Cruz's clear stand on ethanol subsidies showed Iowans that he would not pander for their vote and that he is who he says he is.  But again, while Cruz had some great moments, those early stumbles cost him an outright victory.  I still expect Cruz to take 1st or 2nd in Iowa on Monday night.

JEB! BUSH also came across as more assertive and likable this round.  He seemed to get the best of Rubio in one exchange, and he seemed more credible as a candidate this time.  Records screeched to a halt everywhere when he claimed that he's been the only one fighting Trump all this time because he wanted to defend conservatism, however, as he's largely spent this campaign alienating conservatives at all costs.  That said, he's starting to get a John McCain rising-from-the-politically-dead vibe about him.  If Cruz suffers a defeat to Trump in Iowa, Bush might see his fortunes rise in New Hampshire.

RAND PAUL is great when he talks about liberty.  His exchanges with Rubio took a strong issue for Rubio (national security) and made him a little bit scary on the issue of personal liberty with his rabid desire for all of our personal data, and that weakened Rubio.  Paul, however, comes across as a jealous dude when scolding Cruz and Rubio and that just doesn't play well.  I don't think he won, but I don't think he lost either.  He had more good moments than bad, so we place him slightly above "meh" for this debate.  He's not going to be a top tier finisher in Iowa.  It's time for him to consider focusing his efforts on his re-election to the senate.


 is a nice man.  He's a really nice man.  And he memorized the preamble to the Constitution and made my mom cry when he recited it in his closing. Watching him and his wife afterward was adorable.  He is not, however, even remotely good at these debates and simply does not have what it takes to do this.  He was a great addition to the field and he has a lot to offer America.  He will likely earn himself a spot in the administration of the next Republican.  After Iowa, he needs to re-assess if there is really an opening for him or if he should drop out and endorse someone who stands for his platform and faith.

CHRIS CHRISTIE's routine of bulging his eyes wide and shaking his head as he speaks to the audience about how all that fancy senator talk is too much for him but how wonderfully assertive and active he's been as a governor who does things.  The first time he did that it was effective.  Now it's like a viral YouTube video that you've grown tired of.     The fact remains that Christie is a horrific governor here in New Jersey.  And his signature issue of claiming he'd prosecute the poop out of radical Islam could not be farther from the truth of his record.  (See: supporting a Ground Zero mosque, intervening in Homeland deportation of radical Imam and keeping him in NJ, appointing Shariah law enthusiast to a NJ court, etc.)  His campaign seems to be angling to be Attorney General.  He really, really wants to prosecute people.  


, son of the mailman, is horrifying in these debates.  He might have made some good points, but I zone out every time he starts talking.  His creepy religious-infused enthusiasm for Obamacare is cult-like.  And he basically said we have to keep growing the government because poor people.  He is a disaster and hopefully after New Hampshire will no longer be our concern.  Oh, and did you know he comes from Ohio?  Pundits will claim that Kasich would benefit the ticket because Ohio.  Well, that could be true.  However, if someone puts Christie on the ticket, they still have no shot at New Jersey.  Just because Ohio loves the mailman's son as governor, it doesn't necessarily follow that they want him to ascend to national office.

MEGYN KELLY, CHRIS WALLACE, FOXNEWS, YOUTUBE STARS--Donald Trump was right about Megyn Kelly and these debates.  She wants to be the star and apparently that rubs off on Chris Wallace.  Bret Baier seems immune to it and carried himself with professional composure last night.  The other two clowns again framed their questions around gossipy cat-fight inducing bait.  Nobody cares about who says what about someone else.  Let's ask questions on the issues that matter and let the candidates frame their positions on those issues.  I don't have a problem with Kelly using clips of past statements against candidates, but it was a bit weird that she only focused on two people.  If they were going to do something like that, it really should have been applied to all.

Fox News has also made it clear that they are in the tank for Rubio.  Okay, so Megyn Kelly hit him hard on amnesty, but for the most part ALL POST-DEBATE spin has been that Rubio is a god and the rest of them are all, "losers, nobody likes them, they have zero percent, and are failing bad. Sad!"  Not only did pundit after pundit, all drawing checks from Fox, praise Mr. Rubio, they all seemed to be reading from the same script.  It's as if they all were given bullet points to cover in order to earn their stipend.  And it was not enough to claim Rubio won the night outright, they had to dance upon the grave of Cruz.  As I mentioned above, Cruz had some awkward moments, but he was not the loser of the debate.  All night Rubio and Cruz were soaring above the other candidates.  I don't think the debate helped Cruz, but I don't think it hurt him either.  The Fox pundit version of what happened was so divorced from reality that one could not help but assume it was all part of a coordinated effort to shape the narrative.

And can we talk about allowing YouTube stars to ask questions.  Seriously?  First of all, one of them was an illegal alien, the other (the portly Muslim fashion expert) was a Bernie Sanders activist and none of them had any place in this debate.   Can anyone imagine a staunch Ted Cruz supporter questioning Bernie, Hillary, and that other dude at their next intentionally-scheduled-to-avoid-an-audience debate?

 Debates are not promotional pieces for corporations.  This was not a platform to promote YouTube stars or Google or Fox News personalities.  This was supposed to be a chance for voters, particularly the good folks in Iowa, to see the candidates in person going head to head on issues.  

While I disagree with Trump's decision to sit out of this debate, Fox made his point for him by degrading themselves to be shills for their own careers and for corporate platforms like YouTube.  Voters deserve better.

Did Trump sitting out help or hurt him? I don't know.  Nothing conventional applies to Trump.  He didn't really get any hits on him last night and that was his goal.  With just hours to go until the Iowa caucus, Mr. Trump is sitting on his lead.  An approach that his cult-like followers on social media will celebrate endlessly as being like Reagan (a man Trump despised.)  "Reagan did it too, OMG, Donald Trump is so dreamy!"  Um, yeah, Reagan did do it, and then he lost Iowa to George Bush.  Learn your history, cultists.

This debate didn't change anything.  Trump and Cruz are battling for the top spot.  Rubio is battling for 2nd or a close 3rd.  Everyone else better hope something happens for them in New Hampshire or South Carolina.

IOWA will show America where this race really stands.  If Trump wins, he's likely cruising to the nomination.  If Cruz prevails, Trump will have to fight off establishment folks in New Hampshire and hope that Cruz doesn't ride his wave of momentum to victory in South Carolina.  His Charlie Sheen-like #winning reputation will be gone.

Only a few days left to see what happens next... 

God Bless America

God Bless America
God Bless America

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City On A Hill Political Observer Supports Israel
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